Flat Rooflights

Flat Rooflight

Renka Advanced Flat Rooflights

The Renka advanced flat rooflight is quickly sweeping the market, with excellent u values and a high quality finish there is no other product to match.

Available in any RAL Colour, Black White & Anthracite Grey as standard.

Short lead times, some rooflights are stocked so lead times can be as little as 5 days.

The word is getting around quickly on the ease of installation, the perfect mixture of  simplicity and excellent design means these flat rooflights are quickly rolling off the shelves.

As well as nationwide delivery, Renka has a team of expert installers for installation quotes please email sales@renka.co.uk or call the Renka office on 0121 333 4665 with your requirements.

Why choose a Renka Flat Rooflight?

- 6mm Double Glazing & Self Cleaning Glass gives the Renka Flat Rooflight excellent U-Values & Easy cleaning properties.

- Planitherm Glass as standard, along with a warm edge spacer bar,increasing the U Value even more!

- Short Lead Times.

- The Renka Flat Rooflight is manufactured in Birmingham, buying direct from the manufacture cuts out the middle man meaning faster delivery times, and saves money.

-  10 Year No Strings Attached Guarantee As Standard.

- The best priced high quality Flat Rooflight on the market.

How do I get a quotation & place a order?

Please see our set size chart below and call the Renka office on 0121 333 4665 to place an order, alternatively for bespoke quotations please email sales@renka.co.uk or phone 0121 333 4665 with your requirements and someone in the Friendly Sales team will help you.


Our Flat Rooflight quote system is still in development, please contact the office with your sizes for quotations, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.