Hi-Finity Ultra Slim Sliding Doors


Hi-Finity sliding patio doors offer the ultimate in contemporary design and cutting-edge performance by combining huge sliding door leafs with a frame that is designed to be hidden in the surrounding wall. Even the frame between the door leafs is just 35mm wide, maximising the glass area and making the door a real feature of the room. 

A great deal of attention has been devoted to the design. Even an enormous Hi-Finity sliding door is looking sleek, light, and airy and gives the feeling of transparency. Indoors and outdoors appear to merge into one, creating an infinite view.

Although the visual sightlines are minimal, a high strength of the sliding system is realised by bonding the aluminium with the glass. Therefore Hi-Finity can take the weight of a large glass pane up to 500kg.

The handle has a slim, elegant, minimalistic and streamlined appearance. That makes it ideal for use in modern homes.