Below you will find a number of our most frequently asked questions. Just click on your question to see the answer. If you cannot find the answer you need do not hesitate to contact us, by your favoured method, to ask your question. Contact us

  • How do I choose the right supplier/installer?

    The best way to choose a supplier or installer is by recommendation, but if you are not able to use this method then look for a company which specialises and will therefore have the knowledge and expertise to give you the best result.

    If you can find a local company you will have a better chance of getting fast service for maintenance and repair. If you find a local installer ask if they can recommend customers who would be willing to talk to you. You can ask them about their experience of the company, if they encountered any problems and, if so, how they were dealt with.

    There may be the added benefit of a recognised installer registration scheme such as FENSA  with the company you choose, remember to ask.

  • Can you install doors and windows in my area?

    We supply and install nationally using our highly trained and experienced fitters.
  • Who will install my doors and windows?

    The choice is up to you.

    Most of our customers choose to use our experience of fitting doors and windows and ask us to install for them.

    Occasionally customers have a trusted builder who is prepared to take on the installation.

    On some rare occasions our customers have sufficient knowledge and expertise to take on the task themselves. In the event that we are not fitting, we can provide detailed drawings and fitting instructions to guide you and our experts will be able to answer any questions you may have.

  • Are folding sliding doors easy to fit?

    The doors are straightforward to fit providing the installation is carried out by a competent person, ideally a tradesperson. Full fitting instructions are provided on delivery. Alternatively we would be happy to provide a quotation to supply and fit your doors.
  • Can you guarantee my installation?

    We have an insurance backed guarantee of 10 years on all of our installations.
  • Can I do my own survey?

    We will carry out a free survey for you if we are installing your doors.

    We can still do the survey for you if you are looking for supply only or you can survey the door opening yourself.

    We will carry out a free survey for you if we are installing your doors.

    We can still do the survey for you if you are looking for supply only or you can survey the door opening yourself.

    This is how you do it.

    1. Check whether the opening is square by measuring the diagonals from corner to corner.  If the two measurements are equal the hole is square. 
    2. Measure the width of the opening at three different heights. Take the smallest measurement and deduct 10mm, this will give you width of your doors. 
    3. Now measure the height in three places, take the smallest measurement again and deduct 10mm. Now you have the height of your new doors.

    If you are going to make the threshold flush with your inside floor level, then the bottom of the frame needs to sit below the finished floor level. How far this needs to sit down depends on the type of doors and the type of cill and threshold you have chosen.

    We can provide you with templates for measuring and drawings of your cill and threshold if you are planning to self survey.

  • What tolerance is required?

    Tolerance for both the width and height is recommended to be 10mm.
  • Is Renka FENSA registered?

    Spacefold is registered with FENSA

    To give you added confidence FENSA continually assesses Spacefold  to ensure compliance with the Building Regulation requirements, and the FENSA scheme rules.

  • What is FENSA?

    FENSA is a national, government authorised, self certification scheme for installers who replace double glazing windows and doors.
  • What does FENSA registration do for me?

    If you use Spacefold for any replacement work you do not have to apply for approval from Local Authority Building Control.

    • Spacefold is continually assessed by FENSA   to ensure compliance with the Building Regulation requirements, and the FENSA scheme rules.
    • We will provide you with a certificate which confirms that the installation work has been self certified as complying with the Building Regulations, you will need this if you sell your property.
    • Although registration with FENSA is voluntary, installers who care about their customers consider registration with FENSA an important part of their operation.
  • What about Delivery?

    We will deliver your doors to where you need to fit or store them. If you wish to collect them we will hold them for you for a reasonable period of time. If we are fitting the doors for you we will bring them with us and there will be no cost for the delivery, you will only pay for the installation.
  • How long will I wait for delivery?

    Our normal lead time is approximately 6-8 weeks from receipt of the signed order confirmation form and 50% deposit. Unfinished doors may have a shorter lead time.
  • How do I order?

    You can order by e-mail or telephone. We will send you an order confirmation form to sign when you have checked the details. As soon as we receive this we will arrange your deposit and place your order.
  • How do I pay?

    A 50% deposit is required to confirm your order. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer. Please note that credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% surcharge. Final payment is due 7 days prior to the confirmed delivery date.
  • Can you offer me protection for my deposit?

    Spacefold are licenced by the Consumer Protection Association and can provide you with insurance based protection for your initial deposit.
  • How much will folding sliding doors cost?

    The cost of the doors is affected by a number of factors.

    Each manufacturer has a different cost and with our doors the manufacturer you choose may come down to which doors suit you best. Price is not always a guide to quality. See the doors in our showroom to judge the look and quality for yourself.

    The number and size of panels, trickle vents and the configuration you choose will also affect the price as will the colour, especially if you choose to have different finishes inside and out.

    Installation will also affect the overall price you pay, whether you have supply only or have them fitted. The size of the installation and work needed will also be a factor in the installation cost.

  • Is it easy to get a folding sliding door quote?

    It could not be easier. Go to our quote system now and if it is during business times you can have you quote within 1 to 2 hours.
  • Where can we view your doors and windows?

    Please see the Showroom section of details of our showroom location.
  • How secure are the doors?

    Multi point locking is standard, in folding sliding doors, on all of the opening leaves. All glazing is internally beaded increasing the resistance to forced entry.  Shoot bolts secure top and bottom of all folding leaves.
  • Can I have windows to match my doors?

    Whether you are having timber or aluminium we can supply windows to perfectly match your doors.
  • What finishes are available?

    Our timber doors and windows are available in micro-porous water-based timber stains from the Sikkens colour range or any solid paint colour from the RAL colour range. Alternatively, timber can come unfinished.

    Aluminium doors and windows are available in the full range of RAL colours and selected metallic finishes.

  • What type of glass do you use?

    All units are double glazed and where required they can be supplied with security glass, laminated or toughened. You can also further choose the gas fill, colour tint, special finishes and triple glazing.
  • Is regular maintenance required?

    Aluminium folding sliding doors and windows simply require wiping down with a damp cloth and possibly a little detergent. Moving metal parts will benefit from a spray of oil twice a year.

    Dust and debris will collect in tracks but will only affect performance if they are too big. It is, however, advisable to clean the tracks from time to time.

    Timber doors and windows should be dealt with similarly, additionally the timber will need to be treated, on average, every 5 years, but how often will depend on the degree of weathering which your doors and windows receive. This should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and checks on condition should be made regularly.

  • Do folding sliding doors open inwards or outwards?

    You can choose to have your doors opening inwards or outwards. Most frequently people choose to have them opening outwards but it depends on where you have available space.